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Midway between the Mediterranean Sea and Les Ports Natural Park in Catalonia lies Terres de l’Ebre, a region awarded BIOSPHERE RESERVE status by UNESCO due to its surprising variety of landscapes, ecosystems of high environmental value and unique beauty.

In this land, where people have shaped the hills over many years into terraces of dry-stone walls, grow the centenary-old olive trees that gives us the premium oils of terres bio, thanks to its mild climate, generous sunlight, and fertile soil.

THE BRAND: terres bio

The terres bio initiative aims to bring together several small producers of extra virgin olive oil from organic farming with numerous interests in common: a desire to recover our centuries-old olive groves of local varieties, preserve the cultural landscape and employ a non-industrial and sustainable production system. 
Small-scale production provides the ideal conditions for maintaining quality control that goes beyond the usual organic certification. We use traditional methods together with technological innovation to make it possible to achieve only the finest products.

Our olive oils...

Our producers specialize in a number of indigenous olive varieties, offering special olive oils, each with its characteristic color, aromas and flavours. 

terres bio guarantees their organic farming origin and quality. 


Vigorous medium-sized elliptical olives, with a rapid growth with a high and constant yield of a straw-colored oil. Sevillenca is sweet and fruity, elegant and of exceptional quality, with a good body, balanced, and whose flavor recalls touches of almond, green apple and nuts


A delicate variety, with a very early flowering season with low and fluctuating productivity. The fruit matures very late with olives of medium weight and elliptical shape. It produces very fruity virgin oils, noticeably peppery and with slight bitterness. It is a variety with delicate hints of tomato flavor.


This rustic variety adapts well to lean soils and is resistant to drought. The tree needs time to bear fruit, but after that it is productive and consistent. A medium-sized elliptical olive, it makes sweet oils, with slight bitterness and high fruitiness, where the taste of green apples and almonds can be clearly detected.


Trees with a long tradition in the area, there is evidence of specimens that are over a thousand years old. Early maturity with varying productivity from year to year. Golden yellow color, smooth and balanced aroma. Gentle in the mouth, velvety, with a touch of sweetness at first. Its extra virgin oils are characterized by their intense flavor, with tones reminiscent of almonds and walnuts.

terres bio. A careful process from the tree to your table

Taking care of every stage of the terres bio production process enables the oil to reach your table with all its healthy properties of nutrients and antioxidants, and at the same time still retain the fullness of its exquisite aroma and flavor.  

The various varieties of olives are always harvested at an optimum degree of maturity in order to achieve the best quality as well as highlight their special properties. We keep the fruit clean and healthy, and handled it with care throughout the process so that it reaches the olive press in perfect condition.

The harvesting is done by hand, combining mechanical and manual methods, so as to avoid damaging the tree. Over time, new improvements have been incorporated that both preserve and develop the traditional techniques.

The harvested fruit is taken to the olive press, used exclusively for the production of organic oil, where it is pressed the same day. We only harvest the amount of olives the press can handle in one day.

Once there, the oil is cold extracted to preserve its organoleptic properties (those you can perceive with your five senses) and high nutritional content. Thanks to this method, the oil maintains its high quality with an acid content of no more than 0.2%.

The subsequent storage takes place in tanks that protect the oil from its main enemies: oxygen, light and unsuitable temperatures. In addition, we have selected dark glass bottles to ensure the light does not change the properties of the oil.

Much more than oil: one of the 100 best sustainable tourist destinations in the world.


Since we love our countryside and our landscape so much, we at terres bio want you to get to know the unique natural and cultural environment of Terres de l’Ebre. And we’re not the only ones who feel that way: the Green Destinations foundation named this area one of the 100 best sustainable tourist destinations in the world in 2019. 

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